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Air Ride Seats For Trucks

Air Ride Seats For Trucks : Travel Car Booster Seats : Ultimate Motorcycle Seat

Air Ride Seats For Trucks

air ride seats for trucks

air ride seats for trucks – Kettler Kettrike

Kettler Kettrike Air Navigator Trike
Kettler Kettrike Air Navigator Trike
Offering a smooth transition from stroller to trike, the brightly colored Kettler Kettrike Air-Navigator Tricycle includes a parental control steering system that locks handlebars into place for parental guidance when using the optional pushbar. The Auto-Freewheel allows your child to rest his or her feet on the pedals while you guide them with the pushbar.

Using the optional tandem add-on, you can use Air-Navigator for two children.
When your child is ready for biking, a simple on/off switch (located under the Kettler logo on the handlebar stem) unlocks the front steering stem and the Air-Navigator operates as a standard freewheel tricycle. The durable metal frame has an easy step-through design, and it can quickly be adjusted to accommodate your growing child or fit another rider. You can also add another rider with the separately available Kettler tandem add-on (see image).
The three Komfy Ride tires are filled with air (via regular Schrader valves), which give the trike true road gripping traction and responsive maneuvering. The blue bucket seat provides excellent riding comfort, and the sturdy yellow tipping bucket on the back of the trike is great for transporting everything from toys to sand. The frame is made of high carbon steel and has a fade-resistant polyester powder coat finish in brilliant red. This tricycle meets ASTM safety requirements.
Key Features:
Tri-wheel steering Kettrike navigation system
Quick-Adjust frame with multiple frame adjustments
Parental Control steering lock system locks handlebars into place for parental guidance and steering with pushbar
Auto-Freewheel allows children to rest their feet on the pedals while parents guide them with the optional pushbar
Komfy-Ride air tires for superior performance, road gripping traction and responsive maneuvering
Tipping rear bucket sturdy enough to haul even sand
Tandem adaptable
Weight limit: 200 lbs. Main “D-Tube” frame is weight tested to 400 lbs.
Lifetime main frame warranty; three-year parts and components warranty


Torches Across America… just a little ride I am planning on taking

* * * RIDE INFO * * *

2007 Torches Across America 9/11 Memorial
Motorcycle Ride schedule
The ride officially starts on the morning of Saturday September 1, 2007.

September 1, 2007
Saturday, September 1st; which is (Labor Day weekend) leave from Kennedy’s Custom Cycle in Oceanside, CA and ride to Kingman, AZ. 379 miles

8:00am; the Memorial Service and blessing of the bikes will start at Kennedy’s Custom Cycles, 3028 San Louis Rey Rd, Oceanside, CA 92054, (760) 967-5883. Our host in Oceanside is Bill Kennedy and some CMA members working with Bill..

9:00am; we will leave from Kennedy’s Custom Cycles and ride to Victorville, CA.

11:30am; we will arrive at Victorville Harley-Davidson,14522 Valley Center Dr., Victorville, CA 92392, (760) 951-1119, for a Memorial Service and Lunch. Our host in Victorville is Cary & Marianne Fisher owners of Victorville Harley-Davidson. This ride means a lot to Cary because he is a retired firefighter from NYC.

1:00pm; we will leave from Victorville Harley-Davidson and ride to Kingman, AZ.

6:30pm; we will arrive at the Kingman, AZ VFW Post 10386. Located at 2985 E. John L. Ave, Kingman, AZ 86409, (928) 757 – 7192, for a Memorial Service and Dinner. We will pay for our own dinners. Our host in Kingnam is the Kingman VFW Post 10386. Great people, 2006 year was the first year they hosted us and they only had a couple of weeks to put it together.

The night of September 1, 2007.
Kingman, AZ. The Travelodge, 3275 E Andy Devine Ave., Kingman, AZ 86401, (928) 757-1188

September 2, 2007
Sunday, September 2nd; we will leave from Kingman, AZ at 7:00am and ride to Albuquerque, NM. 466 miles

3:00pm; everyone needs to be at the TA Truck Stop (Travel Center of America Truck Stop) in Gallup, NM (505) 863-6801. You take Exit 16 off I- 40 east. Turn left when getting off of the exit ramp and as you go up the street the TA Truck Stop is on your right. Riders need to be fueled and ready to go by 3:30 pm.

3:30pm; we will leave from the TA Truck Stop and be escort by Cyber to the Rt. 66 Travel Center/ Casino Exit I- 40 off I – 40.

5:30pm; we will arrive at the Rt.66 Travel Center. Riders need to get fueled and be ready to go by 6:15pm. At this time the Albuquerque, NM Blue Knights VI and Albuquerque Fraternal Order of Police Lodge I, will be our host. They have arranged for the New Mexico State Police to escort us into Albuquerque.

6:15pm; the New Mexico State Police will escort us into Albuquerque. The last couple of year they have escorted us to the Albuquerque Fraternal Order of Police Lodge I. But this year the Lodge might be under new construction so I will let you know later where they are going to escort us two.

7:00pm Memorial Service and Dinner will start. Our host in Albuquerque are the Albuquerque Blue Knights VI, Albuquerque Fraternal Order of Police, Graham Central Station and the Dawn Patrol. All our host in Albuquerque are super and all the riders appreciate them.

The night of September 2, 2007
Albuquerque, NM; The Comfort Inn, 2015 Menaul NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107 (505) 881-3210

September 3, 2007
Monday, September 3rd; we will leave from Albuquerque, NM and ride to Amarillo TX. 289 miles

Craig Kennedy said the Dawn Patrol will start setting up their hot air balloons no later then 5:15am and will take to the air at 5:45am. So we will stage at the FOP at 4:30am. We will be escorted at 4:45am to Balloon Park for the "Pre-Dawn Patrol".
What they are doing on the morning of September 4, 2006 is of great significance:

1) They will be doing their version of a candle light visual for all the men, women and children that died on 9/11 and for the men and women in our Armed Forces that have died fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. When the gas heats up the air inside the balloons the balloons will shine brightly in the skies above Albuquerque.

2) When the morning sun starts to shine it will represent the bright side that always follows a dark moment. Sometimes a dark moment in time can feel like a life time but inevitably the bright side emerges.
On 9/11 America was in the state of shock and despair but during the days after 9/11 that was slowly being uplifted because of the how proud we were of America’s First Call Responders. America became united more so then it ever had been before. That is the bright side of 9/11 and it is all because of America’s First Call Responders.

3) Their taking to the air will be the kick off for all the 9/11 events planned for the State of New Mexico. It will also let every First Call Responder in New Mexico know that Governor Bill Richardson has made 9/11 "First Call Responders Recognition Day" in New Mexico. We hope he will do it again in 2007.

A member of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association, Kevin Cloney, told me that every year since 9/11 the AAAA has given rides to First Call Responders on the Saturday before 9/11. That is

Whitwills Kenworth Avonmouth 1980s

Whitwills Kenworth Avonmouth 1980s
Lovell Hodder Whitwill Ltd. Humber Way, Burcott Road, Avonmouth.

In 1985, Hodder Whitwill merged with C. Shaw Lovell. Hodder’s was a firm founded in the 1850s by Hartly Hodder, a shipping owner and broker who started in Sharpness, and then moved to Bristol.

The group was later taken over by Denholm Shipping Services.

Part 2 of 3 May 1984 Peter Minnis visits Whitwills, a company attracted to Paccar engineering before the Foden connection

Wasn’t transport manager Nobby Clark a bit worried at first about taking on the Detroit Diesel, relatively unknown in Britain ? ‘Not really. We’d formed a close association with Dando’s when they were Volvo agents and we were happy to leave things to them when they started distributing Kenworths. The vehicles are leased from them, and they do all the service and maintenance. We’re very particular about getting the trucks in to them at the correct service intervals, and I’m satisfied that they know how to look after the Detroit engines.’

Early on, there was one unfortunate incident when one of the trucks broke a valve stem, but Dando’s replaced the whole powerplant and there have been no other engine problems since. The gearboxes, too, have been well-behaved, with just one damaged selector fork breaking an otherwise impeccable record. Kenworths have been well-behaved in reliability terms, though one engine had to be replaced when it spat out a valve early on. Electrical problems were due to 12-volt equipment unhappy with double the supply. Five 4x2s and the ex-Gerry Holmes V8 6×4, are driven by Pave Cradclock, Jim Sutton, Martin Moore, Roy Godwin and Pete Fay, with Jim Townsend looking after the shunting back at the yard. The KW fleet is high-profile and, thanks to soaring dollar, likely to stay the only one in Britain.

Potentially more serious, were the initial electrical problems. These stem from the fact that American trucks operate on a 12-volt system. Dando’s specify 24-volt electrics to Kenworth in the States, but in the early days the American company lacked the necessary experience to fit the system. The major electrical components – such as alternator and starter – have been trouble-free, but a number of minor items, built for 12-volt operation, didn’t perform satisfactorily at first in the Whitwills wagons. Chief culprits were the banks of circuit breakers used by Kenworth instead of fuses. These tended either to trip prematurely, or to get hot and weld themselves closed. The first fault was annoying, but the second was downright dangerous. One truck, in fact, very nearly caught fire before Dando’s came up with a total solution. They stripped out the circuit breakers completely and installed a standard 24-volt fusebox.

Given the difference between British and American vehicle electrics, it’s perhaps fortunate that the Kenworth has more air-operated items of equipment than you would expect to find on a UK truck. The individually-adjustable wipers, for instance, are air-powered, there’s that air-suspension seat, arid even a ventilation flap has an air cylinder attached to open and close it.

One other thing cropped up while Dando’s were still learning about making the ‘KW suitable for British roads. This concerned the brakes, American practice is to fit relatively hard linings over there brakes are used, on average, far less often than in Europe, and US operators have come to expect long lining life.

However, the Whitwills drivers soon complained that the Kenworth brakes lacked the ‘bite’ they’d been used to on European-made trucks. This was particularly noticeable Decause none of the four-wheelers are equipped with an exhaust or engine brake. Dando’s took heed of the drivers’ comments andI fitted softer-linings.

Springs and axles have been trouble-free — although it’s been found that over-filling the oil-lubricated front axle bearings causes leakage through the bearing cap gasket. The tandem-drive bogie mon the six-wheeler is fitted with torsion bar suspension, a set-up that is now offered by Foden.

Martin Moore, the driver of Gerry Holmes’ old motor, is therefore the one Whitwills Kenworth man who’s happy with his machine’s ride. Admittedly he’s got the benefit of a longer wheelbase 12ft,3in to the bogie centre, as opposed to 12ft for the four-wheelers- but he’s full of praise for the quality of the suspension design itself.

The Kenworth’s front suspension is also an unfamiliar arrangement to British eyes. The big multiplate stacks are sited well inboard to the axle, but the excessive roll that would be expected from this configuration is controlled two big Aeon spring aids.These are like very large, very soft rubber bump stops, located on top of the springs below the chassis side-mernber. In effect, they act as ‘helpers’ when the main springs deflect too far.

Juggling the pieces of this jigsaw into legal combinations would be no picnic if the loads were known to be evenly distributed — with containers it becomes a real sweat. Add the problem of

air ride seats for trucks

Kettler Kettrike Air Happy Tricycle
Quick-Adjust frame with telescoping multiple frame adjustments
Parental Control steering lock system locks handlebars into place for parental guidance and steering with pushbar
Auto-Freewheel allows children to rest their feet on the pedals while parents guide them with the pushbar
Komfy-Ride air tires for superior performance, road gripping traction and responsive maneuvering
Safety powder coated handbrake allows trike to stop on a dime

Sporting a Quick-Adjust frame with telescoping multiple frame adjustments, the Kettrike Air Happy tricycle from Kettler starts small but can grow in small increments right along with your child (within reason, of course). The trike’s Komfy-Ride air tires, meanwhile, grip tightly and maneuver responsively on any hard surface. Perhaps the coolest feature for parents, however, is the removable pushbar, which lets you steer your child down the street until he’s ready to handle it himself. The pushbar coordinates with the Parental Control steering lock system, which locks the handlebars in place when you’re using the pushbar, and the Auto-Freewheel option, which lets children rest their feet on the pedals. Also equipped with a safety powder-coated handbrake that allows the Air Happy to stop on a dime, the tricycle carries a three-year residential warranty.